"The best kind of support you can give to someone trying to quit smoking, is to be smoke free yourself"..............And if you're not smokefree, then why not join that someone and start your own journey to becoming smokefree too - after all, we can't let them have all the fun, now can we ;-)

Innov8 Your Support™ is our fabulous online course (release date  April 2017), designed especially for partners, friends and family, or associates, colleagues and well almost anyone, who is supporting another to quit smoking.  It is definitely the current "norm" - that only the health professionals and qualified quit coaches can provide support to someone wanting to quit. But the reality is, family and friends, colleagues (and everyone on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat) are the very people who they spend most of their time with! So, we at Smokefree Solutions, think that family, friends and colleagues, could do with some training, support and guidance too.  So often is the case, that family and friends want to be supportive, but lack the know-how, and understanding to be useful!

And now you can be!!!!

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"Everyone has a role to play when it comes to making our future a smoke- free one."