Designed for people just like you.....  Innov8 Your Smoking™ is our online stop smoking support programme (released date: April 2017), which comes complete with the option to join our private social media support space. Here, you can read about other people's experiences or what they are doing to innovate their smoking habit, in a quest for you to ultimately become free from smoking! Unlike working one to one with a quit coach, our smoke free solution is an online programme you can download and use anytime you want. The added use of being able to access our private social media support space, means not everyone you are friends with, needs to know about it either! 

If you are concerned that in this space, people can just post anything "fact or fiction". Don't worry, all content is checked over to avoid causing offence or people giving out the wrong kind of advice. We'll endeavor to ensure that only constructive and supportive information (including being as factually true as possible), is shared to the private masses.

Join us, and become motivated, inspired, or inspirational to others by sharing experience (the highs and lows of trying to quit smoking).   

The Smokefree Solutions team also post information daily, to help support people through their challenges, and cheer people on when they feel they are winning! Keep your eyes peeled for our promotional campaigns, online updates and more... Innov8 Your Smoking™ will be developing and releasing resources to help you on your journey to become smoke-free, regularly.  

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"Do it now! Sometimes later, becomes never"
- J.H.

Innov8 Your Smoking™ and change your life!