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Specialists in all things related to quitting smoking. From going cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) vaping and prescribed medicines (Champix, Zyban, and Bupropion), through to working one to one with clients, and training health or social professionals how to provide the right kind of support - There's really not a lot we don't understand when it comes to going smokefree. 

Working with a stop smoking quit coach isn't for everyone despite being the most common form of stop smoking support available. Smokefree Solutions has been established to offer people an alternative to working 1:1 with a stop smoking service provider or quit coach. We are currently developing smokefree support guides available for purchase for people who smoke,  family and friends supporting others and for professionals who provide stop smoking services. We believe that at the end of the day, building a new life totally free from smoking is not only possible but is entirely up to you, and we believe that with some guidance and clear helpful advice, you can start building your smokefree life from the comfort of your own home. Unlike stop smoking practitioners, stop smoking services and health professionals , our focus and expertise is on becoming smokefree NOT gilt tripping you about all the horrible things smoking can cause.

All of our smokefree guides can be purchased from our website . Simply browse each of our topics below to see which one best suits your needs. We have three specific areas that will offer a range of different guides for you to purchase. As we complete each guide, they will be uploaded to our website so you can purchase each or as many guides as you want. We will advertise each new guide as it becomes available on our Facebook page and Instagram, so make sure you are following up on both.



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Smokefree Solutions has identified three specific and critical areas that can optimise a person's ability to build a life free from smoking. Those three areas are:

  • The person who smokes

  • The people supporting/living/ or are a direct point of influence with a person trying to become smokefree

  • The professionals who are providing smokefree support services.

We are currently developing easy to read self help guides to assist people who find themselves in anyone of these three categories.  No one person smoking is the same. The relationship each person who smokes has with smoking is unique to them and their lifestyle, circumstances and realities. So we aim to produced specific guides according to the category a person identifies with.  If you smoke and want to stop, then check out Innov8 Your Smoking. If you have a family member who is planning to become smokefree, and you want to know how you can best help them, check out Innov8 Your Support. And, if you would like to improve your stop smoking support service, check out our guides on how to improve your practice and service under Innov8 Your Practice. 


Innov8 Your smoking

Start planning your smokefree life, today!

There is nothing more humiliating than trying to go smokefree, only to fail, and find yourself back where you started....with a smoke in your hand, wondering what went wrong between making the decision to quit, some time back when, and now... If you want a life free from smoking cigarettes, you need to know how to optimise your chances, and how to make plan to succeed. We are currently developing a suite of easy to read e-books for to help get you started, and to provide you with some practical and helpful advice.

Watch this space for our first e-book release. (Release date expected Nov 2018)


Innov8 your SUPport

Helping YOU to support those you love, be smoke-free!

Innov8 Your Support™ is dedicated to assisting family and friends to provide the support and encouragement, to those they love and/or care about, who are trying to go smokefree.  If you know someone who smokes, and want to be able to provide them with the right support and encouragement to become smokefree, then You will almost definitely want to check out our e-books for family and friends. Sometimes the biggest influence comes from family or a friend not from a professional!

We are currently developing our first set of e-book guides.

Watch this space for release a date.


innov8 your practice

Finding it hard to talk to your patients about their smoking behaviour?

Looking for more than just quick advice and tips to improve your practice? Then Innov8 Your Practice™+ might just have what you are looking for.

No one likes to be told what to do.  When it comes to smoking, how you approach this topic with you patient, will absolutely make or break their decision to listen and become motivated to quit....or not!  

Whether you are a novice health professional to stop smoking support, beginner quit coach, looking to update your skills and knowledge, or an advanced practitioner. Our e-book guide maybe just what you need to tweak your practice or just help your patient relationship.

Find out more by clicking the button, to Innov8 Your Practice!