About us

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Smokefree Solutions has been designed to develop and offer innovative solutions for people who want to quit smoking. As our expertise is all thing stopping smoking related, we also offer online training packages for professional development. Whether you are a doctor, nurse or midwife, physio therapist, pharmacist or Quit Coach, our online training programmes will offer you the flexibility of learning in your own time, and place. 

Smokefree Solutions was founded by Jo Houston. New Zealand registered health professional and qualified Stop Smoking Consultant.  After many years of working one to one with people as a stop smoking specialist provider in New Zealand, we have learnt so much about what can really motivate someone, and what can seriously demotivate someone.  We understand the highs and lows of quitting smoking, the challenges and the successes to becoming smoke-free!

Our aim is to assist both those wanting to quit, and those helping people to stop smoking, by providing innovative solutions and information. We hope our solutions give you another "choice" in accessing support to become smoke-free, or to improve your practice in supporting others. 

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